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Auf dem Weg zur Oberfläche

Pudding King

geheimes fach

  • 55 gp, 30 ep; -> aufgteilt in gruppe.
  • 1 potion of posion -> sev
  • spell scrolls (conjure minor element -> bhalrik, speak with plants -> sev)
  • demon eye (crystal ball of true seeing) -> neldor (bag of holding)
  • stone of controlling earth elements -> bhalrik

The first spellbook, titled Underland Magick, contains the following spells:

1st level

alarm, color spray, comprehend languages, find familiar, grease, identify, jump, Tasha’s hideous laughter, unseen servant

2nd level

alter self, blur, crown of madness, gust of wind, invisibility, knock, magic weapon, phantasmal force, spider climb

3rd level

blink, dispel magic, gaseous form, major image, protection from energy, slow, tongues, water breathing

4th level

blight, fabricate, fire shield, hallucinatory terrain, locate creature, phantasmal killer, polymorph, stoneskin

The second spellbook, titled Magick from Beyond the Mirror, contains the following spells:

5th level:

Bigby’s hand, cloudkill, hold monster, legend lore, passwall, Rary’s telepathic bond, telekinesis, wall of stone

6th level:

chain lightning, disintegrate, Drawmij’s instant summons, eyebite, flesh to stone, Otto’s irresistible dance, true seeing

7th level:

forcecage, mirage arcane, Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion, prismatic spray, reverse gravity, teleport

8th level:

antimagic field, feeblemind, incendiary cloud, maze, power word stun, telepathy

Angriff der Drows

  • Level Up! (Stufe 8)
  • 6 short swords / 6 hand cross bows () -> bag of holding
  • wand of viscid globs -> bag of holding